About the Befriending Service

Available in the following locations:
  • Dundee

Befriending Service – Sound Sense
We offer a Befriending Service throughout Dundee to deaf* people aged 16+ who are experiencing difficulties or isolation because of their deafness.

Signing up to be matched with a Befriender can be a very rewarding experience – if you are interested get in touch and we will begin finding a friend for you! Please contact the team at soundsense@deafaction.org

The role of a Befriender?
Befrienders are volunteers that receive specialist training and support from Deaf Action. Our Befrienders range in age, gender and interests. Some of our Befrienders have British Sign Language (BSL) qualifications or are working towards them. They will:

  • Agree to meet with you on a regular basis at a place of your choosing
  • Provide companionship on social outings; trips to the cinema, galleries and so on
  • Provide company for practical outings such as going to the bank, visiting the library etc
  • Meet up for informal chats, tea & coffee and get togethers.

Why request a Befriender?
If you sometimes feel isolated or would like to increase your confidence then getting a Befriender may be ideal for you.

Befrienders can help you meet new people and join local groups or they could just provide a chance for a regular chat. A volunteer Befriender will help you to take part in activities, enrol on courses, visit places of interest and join other groups.

How we match people
We match people with common interests wherever possible. When you sign up to meet a Befriender you can specify interests or qualities you would like and we will then do our best to meet your chosen criteria.

Once we have identified a possible match, we will contact both you and the possible Befriender. This provides an introduction and an opportunity to discuss the proposed befriending.

Regular reviews with you and your Befriender will take place to monitor and develop the befriending relationship.

All our Befrienders are PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) checked and supply two referees upon application. Find out more about becoming a Befriender by clicking on the related link on the right.