Police remote reporting

Available in the following locations:
  • Edinburgh and The Lothians

Our office in Edinburgh is recognised as a police remote reporting centre for deaf*and hard of hearing people. Our Social Work staff have received training from local police officers and specialist trainers to be fully able to deal with crime reporting.

Our remote reporting centre is aimed at Deaf BSL users, deafened, hard of hearing or deafblind people who do not wish to contact the police directly. This may be for a number or reasons including feeling intimidated, a fear of victimisation or a lack of confidence.

Remote reporting enables people to report their experiences to a member of Deaf Action’s staff, who will then communicate directly with the police.  Remote reporting centres, like our office in Edinburgh, allow victims of crime to report the incident in an environment which they feel comfortable in, whilst providing them with the support they need throughout the investigation process.

This service is for non-urgent queries & reporting. In emergencies or urgent situations the police will need to be contacted via other methods.