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Lipspeakers repeat, without voice, everything that is spoken with a clear lip pattern, facial expression and supporting gestures for those who lipread.

To book an lipspeaker call:
Freephone: 0800 014 1401
Text: 0131 557 0419
SMS: 07797 800 064

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Lipspeakers work with deafened and hard of hearing people. Most commonly lipspeakers work with people who have become hard of hearing or deafened after acquiring spoken language and have a good level of English.

Lipreading is a learned skill and as such will not be suitable for all deafened or hard of hearing people. Most people that lipread will have learned through classes or through years of experience.

Lipspeakers are suitable for:

  • People who lipread and have a good level of English

How people use our Lipspeakers:

  • Health Appointments: GP, dentist, hospital, optician, podiatrist etc.
  • Employment: job interviews, staff and client meetings etc
  • Community: accessing groups, attending classes
  • Council Services: council appointments and meetings