Electronic Notetakers

Available in the following locations:
  • National

All of our notetakers are Electronic Notetakers (ENT), rather than Manual Notetakers, who produce a live typed summary record of events. Electronic Notetakers are communication professionals who assist people in accessing spoken English.

To book an ENT call:
Freephone: 0800 014 1401
Text: 0131 557 0419
SMS: 07797 800 064
Email: bookings@deafaction.org

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Using a laptop computer with specialised software, our Electronic Notetakers type a summary of what is being said at an event, such as a meeting, conference or lecture. The typed notes are then displayed on a personal computer that is connected to the ENT, suitable if only one person is using an ENT, or can be connected to a data projector and displayed on large screens, suitable for displaying notes to a number of people.

At the end of the event a transcript of the proceedings is produced. Please remember: Electronic Notetakers do not provide a full verbatim service but will provide a very accurate record of events and talks. Electronic Notetakers are similar to Speech to Text Reporters (STTR); they will type everything that is being said during an event but Electronic Notetakers do not guarantee a verbatim transcript will be produced.

All our communication support professionals, including our Electronic Notetakers, are bound by a code of conduct which ensures an impartial and confidential service.


Electronic Notetakers are suitable for people:

  • who have a good level of English
  • that require communication assistance
  • who are deaf* or hard of hearing


How people use our Electronic Notetakers:

  • Conferences: If organisers are unsure of access requirements or a number of attendees request access to written notes, communication support etc
  • Education: deaf or hard of hearing students that require access to lectures, seminars, workshops etc
  • Events: where a number of different speakers will present
  • Employment: job interviews, staff and client meetings
  • Community: accessing groups, attending classes
  • Council Services: council appointments and meetings