Nicky Hancock running Edinburgh Ultra Marathon and London Marathon!

Not only running the Edinburgh Ultra Marathon in October, Nicky Hancock is also planning to attempt the London Marathon in April to raise funds for Deaf Action.

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Here is Nicky and Emily’s story:

As many of you will know, our daughter Emily (now 13) is profoundly deaf.

Having been born hearing, she gradually lost her hearing and was diagnosed profoundly deaf just before her 4th birthday.

During this time, we had a frustrated little girl who was struggling to communicate with the hearing world, with hearing parents, a hearing brother (and a daft dog!).

Emily underwent bilateral cochlear implant surgery just before her 5th birthday and entered the hearing world for the second time in 5 years.

‘How did you cope?’ , some would ask……

Firstly, because not coping wasn’t really an option, but more importantly because of the amazing friends and family that surrounded us and the charities that came to our rescue 🙂

Deaf Action were one of those amazing charities who threw us, and Ems, a lifeline.

Ems joined their youth group, Deaf Express aged 9 and never looked back.

We’d like to give them something back for what they have done for us and Ems and now all I need to do is run The Edinburgh Ultra Marathon this October and Run The London Marathon next year….yikes!

Easy peezy lemon squeezy…said no one EVER!

Please join me (don’t panic, you don’t have to run!) in raising as much as possible for this amazing charity.

Any donation, no matter how small is amazing

Nicky and Ems xx